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Violent Blue Updated!

New Violent Blue strip is up!

It’s interesting how much spirituality I heard In the new Pirates movie this weekend. There are Sundays I don’t hear as much about redemption and eternal life…..

I also thought it was really cool that the missionary was such a well done character. usually when you see a preacher in a typical Hollywood movie, he’s the serial killer. I liked that he really was the only heroic character in this movie.

They finally got a Pirates sequal right. The previous pirates sequals tried to bring back EVERY character from the previous films and just overloaded the movies. Enough to sink already weak scripts. This one however, they pruned down the cast significantly and really focused on Jack. They had great villians and a solid script. They still managed to leave it open for a sequal while creating a movie that stands on it’s own. With Dead man’s Chest and World’s End, you really need to see both movies and that’s just no fun.

3d did nothing for me. It actually distracted me more than enhancing the film. Otherwise, I really enjoyed the movie….and I especially enjoyed going to see it with my wife (but no kids).

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