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No more days off!

You know, having an extra day off is supposed to be relaxing.  Memorial day wasn’t relaxing at all. I got up early, and pushed the stroller to the parade. Then we ran home, updated and handled some of the administrative stuff for the comic strip then it’s off to a picnic. Back home, just enought time to mess up the comission I’m doing just before I finished it. Lost wallet. Off, pushing the stroller to another picnic, and back home to finish that piece of art and get the car gassed up and running again (it stalls constantly if I don’t turn the engine over every day or two. I guess I understand, I’d be  pissy if I hadn’t been touched for four days too) so I’m ready for work tomorrow.

Seriously, I need a day off to recover from THIS day off.


But on the bright side, there will be new Violent Blue up Wednesday.


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