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New Whose Line

I’m so pleased that Whose Line is it Anywhoo is back up after a couple month hiatus. I’ve got a contribution up there today, so go check it out, then check back with us tomorrow for new Violent Blue!


Heroclix Arcade machines

Oh my GOD these are hard to make…..








I’d really like to build a Heroclix arcade but I can’t do more than one of these at a time…and a good arcade would need at least a dozen games.  However, after the games are done a couple of pool tables, token machines and a snack bar should be easy.

Remember when vampires didn’t sparkle?

That can only mean there’s a new Violent Blue up.

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Two Lumps

Crap. I knew something was wrong the instant I saw the photos insted of a comic.

Since almost the beginning, I’ve followed the comic Two Lumps. It’s listed as one of my influences over at Violent Blue and I’ve grown fond of the two kitties that are the main characters. It probably wasn’t a year ago when the cat that Snooch was based on crossed the rainbow bridge. It seems that Eben recently joined him.

We’ve been through this. We put Lucy to sleep when her body began to betray her. We set Moses free when he lost control. It never gets any easier, not even when it’s someone elses. So when I finished reading the days post, I walked back into the library and cried.

Violent Blue won’t be doing a tribute or any refrences; Two Lumps has it’s own following and I don’t want to exploit a tragedy to drive traffic to my own site, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention it at all and offer my deepest sympathies to Eben’s mommy and daddy.

You can view the page here :

I see Green Lantern is getting pounded by the critics – even the comic media is ripping it apart. That’s a pity, because it’s not nearly as bad a film as they make it out to be. I stand by my statements, It’s a great GL movie, it’s a good comic film, but not a good blockbuster. I think the biggest disappointment is that for a 300 Million dollar film, we don’t realy see that money on the screen. The CGI is subpar in places, the sets aren’t that extraordinary, and there’s actually too much green screen. It ends up feeling like a direct to video movie than a summer night out at the theatre. Still, I can’t believe that writer Mark Millar called this “The worst superhero film ever”. Did he miss Batman and Robin? Perhaps he wasn’t aware of the Nick fury movie starring David Hasselhoff? Really? Green Lantern is worse thant the 1990 Captian America???

Hmmmm. I think there’s a comic strip in all of this……We’ll see what happens in Violent Blue on Monday.

Only Two hours?

A new Violent Blue is up. The most disheartening thing about this strip is I’ve actually been told this; “God only asks for two hours each week.” by a pastors wife no less. No wonder that church isn’t growing.

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Green Lantern continued

SO I watched green lantern’s numbers this weekend. Not bad, but still a weak showing. People are comparing the weekend receipts to X-Men : First Class, but that’s not really a fair comparison. X-Men is the fifth in a series and may well be suffering from a bit of sequel fatigue. It’s also the first one without the most beloved character (Except by me), Wolverine. GL on the other hand is a brand new movie with a character being seen by the general public for the first time. It’s supposed to be the beginning of a series, not the ending. A more accurate comparison would be with Thor, which made about a third more in it’s first weekend, and was to be fair….a better movie. This is coming from someone who likes Green Lantern and doesn’t actually care for Thor as a character.

On the whole, I’m not totally pessimistic as to wether or not we get more GL movies. We got a second Garfield movie after week profits on the first one, and the toys are selling well enough that I still can’t find an Abin Sur on the shelves (I want to customize him into a little TV Flash). Anyhow, I did my part. I saw Thor at the Palace and paid 3.00 to get in. I saw GL at a big movie theater and paid more than twice that to see it and bought a figure. The rest is up to you guys. Green Lantern week over at Violent Blue is over!


Pork Chops?

Todays Violent Blue has one of my favorite lines ever.


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Green Lantern

So we went to see the new GL movie last night. I didn’t hate it. It’s actually a really good Green lantern movie. It’s a good comic book movie.

It’s not a good summer blockbuster.

There’s no mainstream appeal, if your’e not into comics or superheroes, there’s nothing here for you. I find this distressing, because it’s this kind of thing that will kill it at the box office. We watched it in a half full theatre and I know from listening to the crowd that a lot of them were fans.

The real shame is that’s I really want another of these. The entire cast was perfect. Thre wasn’t a single misstep in casting any of the characters. I believed that was Hal and Carol and Tom from the word go. The chemistry between the main three was ideal. But I don’t know that the numbers will justify another movie. Moreover, if there’s a sequal, they need ot bump up the FX budget and get rid of some of the cheaper looking CGI.

We’ll be watching the box office numbers this weekend to see what happens.

New Violent Blue

New Violent Blue up, and as much as I hate to admit it, the Squirrel has a point.

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