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Batman and the DC Reboot

Check out the article over here :

There’s a lot of good here. No more Dick Grayson pretending to be Batman. A much better costume for Batgirl. The whole batman Inc. seemed to be a corner that DC had written itself into and this is a prime chance to extricate itself from that mess.

On the other hand, there’s the return of Barbra Gordon as batgirl. I realize DC has had a hard time figureing out what to do with Batgirl as a character since Barbra was crippled. The problem is Barbra was far more interesting (and effective) as Oracle (A character I might remind everyone that was created for John Ostrander’s little fringe Title “Suicide Squad” – a title that pererpetulay gets no respect) so returning her to Batgirl status sure seems like a step down for me. It also means the virtual dismantling of Brids of Prey; sure there’s a new Birds title out there, but it sure dosen’t look like any version I’ve ever seen or cared about. Birds is really about Barbra’s relationship with Dinah, and later on with Helena. The Oracle-Black  Canary-Huntress-Lady Blackhawk lineup was a close to perfection as I’ve ever seen, especially being post-Chuck Dixon (because let’s face it, when he leaves a title, that’s when it usually turns into junk: Punisher, Nightwing, Green Hornet to name a few)

So I approach the Batman reboot with cautious optimism, rather than the outright disdain I have for the Wonder Woman and Superman relaunches. We’ll see what happens in august and I figure by October we’ll know for sure if DC is still worth any of our attention or not.

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