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Just came back from watching “Bridesmainds”. It’s kind of like “Sex in the City” with ugly women. Oh wait, that’s EXACTLY like “Sex in the City”. Then there’s the food poisoning scene in the first act which has all the subtly and class of a Troma movie.

As we left, my wife said something that really resonated with me; that she didn’t care for the beginning of the film but liked it by the end. This movie has a good third act, however, it’s amost likethe filmmakers were instructed that you have to tell this juvinile stor on the front end before you can actually tell the story you want to at the end. It’s a pity too, because there’s a lot of stuff they really could have followed up on with the relationships, the failed business and trying to get your passion for something (like baking) back.

In the end, I really think I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind for this movie. I was expecting a road trip. I was expecting “The Hangover” with girls.  There’s a lot more of a tragedy to this. Not a black humor, but a depressing one. As it is,  I empathized far too much with the main character. This is not a film to watch if you are feeling alone.

It’s not a BAD chick flick, (not the offensive swill that Lifetime constantly churns out)  it just spends too much time in a style of comedy I don’t really like. I don’t think I’ll be buying it, but my wife probably will, it made her laugh.

I think I’ll wait until Monday and laugh at a  new Violent Blue.

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