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Green Lantern

So we went to see the new GL movie last night. I didn’t hate it. It’s actually a really good Green lantern movie. It’s a good comic book movie.

It’s not a good summer blockbuster.

There’s no mainstream appeal, if your’e not into comics or superheroes, there’s nothing here for you. I find this distressing, because it’s this kind of thing that will kill it at the box office. We watched it in a half full theatre and I know from listening to the crowd that a lot of them were fans.

The real shame is that’s I really want another of these. The entire cast was perfect. Thre wasn’t a single misstep in casting any of the characters. I believed that was Hal and Carol and Tom from the word go. The chemistry between the main three was ideal. But I don’t know that the numbers will justify another movie. Moreover, if there’s a sequal, they need ot bump up the FX budget and get rid of some of the cheaper looking CGI.

We’ll be watching the box office numbers this weekend to see what happens.

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