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Two Lumps

Crap. I knew something was wrong the instant I saw the photos insted of a comic.

Since almost the beginning, I’ve followed the comic Two Lumps. It’s listed as one of my influences over at Violent Blue and I’ve grown fond of the two kitties that are the main characters. It probably wasn’t a year ago when the cat that Snooch was based on crossed the rainbow bridge. It seems that Eben recently joined him.

We’ve been through this. We put Lucy to sleep when her body began to betray her. We set Moses free when he lost control. It never gets any easier, not even when it’s someone elses. So when I finished reading the days post, I walked back into the library and cried.

Violent Blue won’t be doing a tribute or any refrences; Two Lumps has it’s own following and I don’t want to exploit a tragedy to drive traffic to my own site, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention it at all and offer my deepest sympathies to Eben’s mommy and daddy.

You can view the page here :

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