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Archive for September 14, 2011

New Violent Blue up today, and while we take a swipe at bad tomato movies over there, I’m thinking about one of the stars of the film (return of the killer tomatoes).

You know, I used to like George Clooney, but he hasn’t been funny in anything since “One Fine Day”. These days his rider for acting in a movie includes a little “beach hut” outside his trailer, a landscaped garden, and a basketball court (A half court I’m sure). No wonder it costs 11 dollars to go to the movies. Clooney turns me off these days because he’s gotten a little too full of himself. It’s a good idea to remind him where he came from with movies like this and “Return to Horror High”.

Return of the Killer Tomatoes Also has another thing going for it, it features John Astin (Gomez from the Addams Family, Buddy from Night Court, heck, he even played the riddler once on the old Batman TV show) who would go on to reprise his role as a mad scientist. The movie also breaks the fourth wall a lot as it satirizes product placment in films.

All in all, Return is actually a very fun film, though don’t expect it to bear much resemblance to “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”. We won’t get that untill later installments (there’s four movies in this franchise. Can you believe it?)

You can find the new strip here :

I wonder if Whose Line has a new caption up yet?