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Archive for October 17, 2011

Why The Fly should be remade (but not by David Cronenberg)

I mentioned earlier this week that I’d really like to see a remake of “The Fly” but not by David Cronenberg. I thought I’d take a little time to explore that idea.

I’m no detractor of the Cronenberg fly. There are some modern remakes like Friday the 13th that create and add nothing to the concept. The F13 remake really has not point to exist. I’m not a real huge fan of the Nightmare on Elm Street or Halloween remakes, but at least they give a different perspective, and have a valid point to make. Their flaw is they fail to entertain and create a story that isn’t as compelling as the original.

Cronenberg’s Fly does none of these things. It’s a good film that stands on it’s own. It explores it’s own ideas and has an entertaining, compelling story. it’s a valid “alternate universe” telling of “the Fly. So why am I down on it?

The original “The Fly” is a genre picture. It’s a horror movie, a monster movie and a good one at that. But Cronenberg movies are a genre too.  A genre all to themselves. Some directors become that, directors like Kubrick, or Carpenter or Burton. Cronenberg films are definitely a genre to themselves; you absolutely know what to expect going into them. A nihilistic exploration of existence, sensuality, body horror, and a definite focus on sexuality and what it means as part of a fleeting existence. That’s fine. I don’t mind any of this in a film format. The problem is that it  takes “the Fly” ,a movie already marginalized by it’s status as a genre film, and squashes it down further into sub-genre.

It’s also a pity, because it stands alone as THE remake. I don’t mind the Burton Batman, because there are others out there and I’m not married to it. I can go watch the Nolan or Schumacher batman films or watch the animateds. With”The Fly” however, you either have Vincent Price or Jeff Goldblum. Either the campy monster movie or the sexual charged nihilistic film. The two are so far apart in their philosophies and execution, it’s hard to believe they come from the same source! I’d like a modern Fly that’s a fun monster movie, with modern effects and a modern setting. Much like they did with the “Dawn of the Dead” remake, and I know exactly who I’d like to see make it.

But we’ll talk about that tomorrow. For now, go read some Violent Blue.