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My Bloody Valentine (But only in 3D)

Way back in my “What I Learned From 12 Hours of Terror” post I mentioned that My Bloody Valentine 3d is USLESS without the 3d. I’d like to take a moment to expand on that. (don’t worry, if you get bored, just skip down to the Violent Blue link on the bottom of the post)

In 2009 when  this was released, My wife expressed an intrest in seeing this. She rarely wants to go to Horror movies, so I was  looking forward to going. We wanted to go around Valentine’s day, a little less than a month from the premier. It was out of theaters in about two weeks. Not more than three. I picked it up from the library about a year later, and it was pretty terrible. I figured we’d dodged a bullet and never really thought about it again.

When it was announced for the 12 hours of terror marathon I was a little disappointed, seemed like a wast of a slot for a better movie. Then I found out they were going to screen it in 3d. I figured I’d give it another chance then, and hoped the 3D would make it better.

The 3d effects were GREAT.

It didn’t make the story any better, and I still don’t feel sympathy for any of the characters, but it did change my perspective.  My Bloody Valentine 3d isn’t about the story. That’s all beside the point (I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the producers figured out what effects they wanted to showcase, then wrote a story around it). This whole movie is an excuse to show 3D effects, to show off the technology.

That’s kind of a shame isn’t it?

I got my hands on a 3d copy of “House of Wax” with Vincent Price last year. I pulled out my blue and red glasses and popped it in the DVD player. It’s a whole different movie in 3d. Really a whole different experience, which is odd, because it’s not full of 3d gimmicks, it just has a greater depth and really interesting look.  The difference here though, is that I can watch it without the 3d and it’s still just as good of a movie. The 3d effects enhance it, but they arn’t the point of it where as My Bloody Valentine just doesn’t stand up without the 3d gimmick.  If that’s the case, why are you even bothering to make the movie?

By the way, just a reminder, there’s still a new comic strip up from yesterday. Come visit us here :


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