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New Violent Blue up. (not that cartoon on the side. That was someone else)

We’re kind of balancing the line between Thanksgiving and Christmas today.
My wife was a little surprised to see this strip seeing as I’m very anti-christmas. I think it’s kind of a case of mistaking the disease for just a symptom. It’s cumulative and degenerative. The season gets pushed earlier and earlier, it feels more and more false and I get more and more resentful, increasingly tiered of it all. There was a time when it was a mere annoyance rather than a full blown disdain.

On the other had, I guess I’m guilty of treating Thanksgiving as “Pre-Christmas” too, I just put the finishing touches on my back santa hat, and have been playing a number of almost Christmas songs (A Punk Rock Christmas has some really great stuff. Nicely melodic and suitably depressing)and already introduced the girls to “Monsters Holiday” (by Bobby “boris” Pickett, same person who created “The Monster Mash”), still I think that’s more of a reaction to being blasted in the face with bloody Christmas music every time I leave the house.

View today’s Violent Blue here:

A lot of you know I follow Danny’s radio show (Hey, the guy was nice enough to send me an autograph), and back in august the news came that he’d be moving to another station. Turns out, he’s moving to Seattle, so of course he’s selling the Philly home. I’m wondering if the value of the home is increased or DECREASED by virtue of him living in …

In the meantime, check him out at his new home on 102.5 KZOK in Seattle or on the web at

I mean, after you’ve checked today’s Violent Blue of course! (Looks like we’re getting close to that crossover….)

To encourage Jason X director

You may have never actually heard of Jim Isaac, but if your a fan of horror, you’ve seen his work. He started out his career doing creature effects for films like Return of the Jedi and Gremlins. He’s worked on Cronenbergs  Fly, House 2 and many other films. He directed movies like Jason X and Skinwalkers.

Jason X is one of my favorite Friday the 13th movies, right up there with The final Chapter and Freddy vs. Jason. I really love the comic book feel to it, I love that it knows when to take itself seriously and when to go camp. It’s got one of the best kills in a Jason movie ever (Head shattering towards the beginning).

Mr. Isaac is currently undergoing treatments for blood cancer. I’ve got two friends who are cancer surviors, and I know how rough this can be. His wife mentioned that he really appreaciates teh fan mail he gets and let’s face it, a positive attitude really can make a big diffrence in a recovery of this sort.

If you’d like to send Mr. Isaac a letter letting him know how much you like his movies, or a movie he’s been involved in, you can mail it to this address :

Jim Isaac

c/o IsaacArts, Inc.

707 S. Live Oak Park Road

Fallbrook, CA 92028

It’s a published address (i’m not throwing out a private addy or anything) and any letters you send will make thier way to him. 10 minuets and a stamp will make a bigger diffrence than you can imagine. (My letter is going out today)

Good Week

Just a quick check in to let everyone know I’m still alive (or at least undead). It’s been a good week over at Violent Blue! Two new subscriptions this week, and visitors from three countries that I’ve never gotten hits from before. I’d blog a little more but I spent the day writing  a bunch of autograph request letters today. All that sucking up really tiered me out….

New strip up Friday