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Carrie : The Musical

Seriously? This is a thing?

Well obviously it was. I stumbled onto a copy of this recently. It’s a bad copy (that’s okay. It’s a bad play) filmmed aparently form the balcony in the theatre. In any event, it’s evidance that the play did indeed exist.

I’ve come to terms with the idea of some horror stories as broadway musicals. Phantom, Little Shop of Horrors, Sweeny Todd, I can even accept Jekyl and Hyde (I’ve got a DVD of Hasselhoff’s preformance, what I really want to see is Sebastion Bach’s run in the lead role.), but Carrie???

The play is predictably bad. Not in a funny Evil Dead way, just in a lackluster high school drama club way. The actors sleepwalk thier way through the roles and the music is utterly forgettable. No “Music of the night”, not even a silly “what the F*#k was that?” to get you into the production.

Because it was such a dismal failure and such a brief run it’s achieved cult status (Kind of remids me of the storyline “Nailed!” from Something*Positive) and we all know how much I dig having rare stuff on video, but, outside of the musical marathon I’m planning for this Halloween, I doubt I’ll crack this one out again.

I hope Jennifer forgives me for giving her a copy for Christmas….


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