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Archive for January 17, 2012


Okay, I generally don’t watch SyFy Channel movies (actually I almost never turn the TV to that channel at all) and I’ve given Asylum Films two chances (once on the recommendation of the Horror Ect Podcast. I know that was a Sherlock Holmes film, but seriously Tony….seriously?) and Asylum NEVER puts out a good product…

But I may justĀ  have to catch Bigfoot when it comes out. It starts filming this weekend and stars Danny Bonaduce and Barry Williams and we all know Danny is my favorite train wreck (who was kind enough to put down that bottle of vodka long enough to send me an autograph…)

I think I’ll go pop in Corvette Summer…wait, no, that means I’d have to look at Mark Hamill. I think I’ll go read the newest Violent Blue instead.