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Yeah, the girls are mine.

Top five ways can you tell that Madeline and Lydia are my daughters (besides the gothic names of course).

1. They’ve demanded Scooby-Doo meets Batman and Robin three times this week for thier bedtime movie. Lyds spent a good deal of time describing the plot to her grandmother last night. Maddie aldo pointed out to me that the Joker looks diffrent than in the other things she’s seen him in. I explained to her that everyone looked diffrent in the 70’s.

2. Lydia insisted on taking She-Ra to preschool for show and tell this week. Maddie inteds to dress as She-Ra for Halloween (she’s been asking me to make her that costume for three months now. Maybe for Free Comic Book Day)

3.Lydia decided that for the next family movie night she wants a scary movie. I think I’m going to pull the animated Phantom of the Opera for her.

4. We have several decks of Uno cards – X-Men, Superman, Hulk, Green Lantern. Maddie Loves playing Uno, but according to her, the Superman deck is the “Real” Uno deck.

5. The girls ask me to draw pictures for them to color, or they ask thier grandmothers to help them make books (the girls tell them what they want to the captions to be and then they draw pictures to go with them). The last pictures they asked me to draw were a zombie and Pinhead from Hellraiser (Maddie pointed him out from the poster in my Library). They colored both using a lot of green. A week or two later Maddie came home from a visit with her fraternal grandmother and handed me a book she made for me titled “the buk uv mondrz” (The book of Monsters). I think I’ll be positng that up here next week if I can get around to uploading the pages.

While you’re waiting for me to post that book up here, why don’t you head over to Violent Blue and check out the lastest comic? Chloe’s in the middle of her first Church visit….

and if we could keep child services from seeing this post, that would be great…..


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