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Archive for February 25, 2012

King Kong

Would you believe that I’ve never seen King Kong? Seriously! None of the versions. I’ll admit that I’ve deliberately avoided the Jackson film, and I probably caught bits and pieces of the 70’s version on TV, but I’ve never seen the original. Well that’s all going to change Sunday! It’s playing at the Capitol for $5.00.

Can’t wait…but I’ve got plenty to keep me occupied in the meantime with new Violent Blue strips on the way and with¬† the Heroclix party tonight!



So I caught the movie. I was surprised at how much I liked it. It’s one of those stories that has been told so many times, it’s become to familiar. It’s easy to forget just how good a movie this is.¬† It’s a good mix of suspense, drama and the unknown. The effects, while a little primitive are still impressive, particularly the amount of technique that is on display.

I’ve always heard that this is, a it’s heart, a romance between the girl and the ape. I just don’t see it. In fact, I don’t have any sympathy for Kong in this. Faye Wray is to him at best, a pet. Actually it comes off more as she’s his toy. Moreover, with all the people Kong kills, I have no sympathy for the beast getting gunned down. Kong’s not a dumb beast. He may no fully comprehend sentiance in other beings, but he certianlly knows what he’s doing when he kills. There’s strategy and intent behind his attacks. Kong is absolutely a monster.

All in all, I as really impressed with the film. Watching this, I almost wonder why people have tried to remake it. The characters are perfect and the performances just….work. You can try to remake it to remove some of the less politically correct elements, but honestly, you also lose the flavor of the period. Despite the old fashioned effects, I can’t see anyone improving on it. I lookforward to revisiting it in the future.