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Archive for February 28, 2012

Clix party!

A lot of fun Saturday night, and I’d like to thank everyone who showed up for the Clix party. It was pretty much people I know outside of Heroclix tournaments (so don’t be mad if you didn’t get an invite…it just means I’ve never seen you outside the store!), and it was nice to see Sam again ( who I haven’t run into since Get’Em comics shut down)…even if I kept throwing things at him. I also rarely get to do stuff with Rachel, so I’m glad she and John both dusted off their old HC pieces and came out tonight.

“Okay, got my Infinity Gauntlet…these guys have invincibility…”

“Do you have to declare it if you have invincibility?”

“I think I’m going to declare it to! I’m invincible!”

“We’re all invincible!”

We smushed together a couple of maps to make a massive Cityscape

“Have you got a corkscrew? Or a swiss Army Knife with one in it??”

“No, but you can take your chances with one of the daggers in the living room…”

Amy and the girls are home from shopping! “That’s NOT how you play figures!” (Maddie insists on her own rules)“Why did I take damage?”

“Mystic. If you hit a mystic, you take one damage back.”

“Isn’t Doom a mystic to?”

“Not mystic enough.”

I want one with a lot of points….
“What was that???”

“That was called KICKING YOUR…..”

“No that was called button mashing.”

Why is Big Barda holding a flashlight?

We had bad movies going on all night (That could be a post in of itself….) and when you were waiting for a turn, it wasn’t unusual to find someone over at the arcade machine playing DC vs. Marvel – the best video game never made.