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Archive for March 6, 2012

New Violent Blue


We’ve been heading full speed ahead lately over at Violent Blue, beginning new storylines and adding characters. While Justin is a completely new additon, we are seeing a new face this week that isn’t quite a NEW one…

You all remember Molly from last year? (If you don’t you can click here:
Now in reference to Chloe’s movie pics, this is one of those places where we diverge. I don’t dig revenge flicks, especially rape/revenge films (I wouldn’t even own a copy of “Last House on the Left” if I hadn’t found that autographed copy at Goodwill). As such, I’ve never actually seen “I spit on your grave”, though I’ve had several opportunities. It’s on one of my trailer compilations though, and I feel perfectly fulfilled just watching the trailer.
I HAVE seen Zombie Abomination. It’s a cult favorite, but that all I can say about it. The director is a master of self promotion and the movie (Along with it’s sequel) is a testament  to his ability to practically talk a project into existence.