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Archive for March 12, 2012


I totaled my car today. I mean totalled. It was a wet road and I couldn’t stop.Much to my surprise I insured it for collision. I rarely do that as we rarely have cars worth insuring past liability. I don’t remember doing that, but the low millage may have prompted the decision when I was initially setting this car up on our insurance. It remains to be seen whether or not it helps. That means no Clix for me tomorrow at Infinite Monkey, though I may still try to make the midnight movie at the Cedar Lee this weekend.

I’m really sore and feeling a little upset by this,but don’t worry. I’ll still have a new blog post up tomorrow and a new Violent Blue strip up on Wednesday.

By the way, if anyone was wondering what I was planning on playing Tuesday night, here’s my cheat sheet. I put together one of these whenever I put together a team, so I can carry it around for a day or two and consider my strategy.