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Archive for March 14, 2012

We’re talking vampire movies over at Violent Blue today.

Vince Rotolo over at the B Movie Cast mentioned that Netflix was streaming Dark Shadows on instant. They start with Barnabas’ entry into the series, about a year into it. It’s SO slow. It takes forever to get anywhere and I’m actually having a hard time getting through it, but it’s still better than Twilight. Seriously, imagine if Twilight was your gateway to fantasy horror and vampires and then you discover quality stuff like this…I’d be pissed.
 My previous exposure to Dark shadows (outside of seeing posters and books at every horror and sci-fi con I’ve ever been to) was the revial in the 90’s.  Back when Maddie was a baby, I was a stay at home dad and was getting up with her for the early morning feedings. I dediced I wanted to make this a more positive experiance so I cued up the Dark Shadows revival series (thank you to Jennifer for giveing me that set by the way) on the VCR in her room and we watched Barnabas terrorize the Collins family every morning while she had her bottle. A feeding would take about half an episode (serials were great for this. An episode of the Green Hornet or The Shadow was EXACTLY the amount of time it took Maddie to finish a bottle).  We finished the revival without me ever seeing the original.

When I heard about it being on Netflix, I figured it was finally time to see the original. I also watched the film “House of Dark Shadows” which does in 90 minuets what the series takes thirty episodes to do. Sometimes it’s better, while other times it lacks the depth of the TV show.

I’m not sure what to think of the new movie with Johnny Depp.

We’ll see you tomorrow with a new blog and Friday with another Violent Blue strip!