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Archive for March 16, 2012

Happy Saint Patricks Day…almost.

We’re talking a bit about St. Patrick’s Day over at Violent Blue today, and since I don’t usually blog during the weekend, I thought I’d comment over here too.

This was actually meant to be the first color comic in the series, but I missed my window a while back when we were still all black and white. I think it would make the gag about wearing Orange on St. Patrick’s day a bit funnier. Really it’s mostly to amuse mysef though.

I do this every year. While wearing green is a tradition for most people on St. Patricks day, that actually started as a Catholic tradition. For Protestants, the tradition is to wear orange. It’s a bearly remembered tradition, which is why I enjoy it.

I’m really beginning to fall behind by the way. My buffer of comics has just slipped to under a year and I’m not liking that. Been doing as lot of work this week to try and fill that up a bit, focusing mainly on the story arcs for year four. That’s been fun, especially working with some characters that will come in to play then.

I’ve been getting a little restless though, and am really getting into preproduction on my next project. I’m hoping to be deep into drawing that by the end of the year. Synopsis is done and the events have been orginized. I’m really beginning to get excited about it. More about that in coming months.

Finally, I was just made aware of the Cleveland Comic, Card & Nostalgia Show(Formerly Saturday’s Child).  I’m planning on going Sunday, but really, it looks a little sketchy. My definition of a convention involves panels, screenings and/or guests. This looks more like a bazaar, with the admission really only giving you a chance to come in and buy stuff. Still, it’s only $4 and a few of the guys from Northeast Ohio Clix Corps are coming so it might not be a complete waste of time. If nothing else I’ll know not to go again.  I’ll let you all know next week.

Oh look. There’s a letter for me on the table from Great Britian. I wonder who that could be from?