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Archive for March 20, 2012


So over the weekend, my guitar malfunctioned. Not sure when it happened, but when we plugged it in on Sunday morning, all I got was a loud buzz. After elimating the cord, direct box and pedal we foundit was a problem in the guitar. Fritz was nice enough to loan me a Fender Stratocaster with a revolting blue picguard to finish the set with, but I was still a little heart broken. I like Fenders, I have a strat myself, one that belonged to my Grandfather. But this guitar is a custom made strat clone built by Bob Hartman himself. When the lead guitarist of your all-time favorite band builds you a guitar with his own hands….that’s special.

I got the input jack off – I figured that’s where the problem lay. If I’d blown out one of the pots, there’d be no sound at all. I’d hear static if there was an issue with the volume knobs. Got inside it and found one of the two wires (The black one) ┬áhad worked it’s way off. This can happen when you’ve got a loose nut around the jack and you keep screwing it back in by hand. Bringing my soldering kit home from work tonight to put things back together.