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Cinema Wasteland Spring 2012

Spent the weekend at Cinema Wasteland. Of all the cons I go to it’s my favorite -the best programming, the most interestign people and always good guests. John Saxon was a returning guest this year, but this time around he brough Jim Kelly with him! You know, Enter the dragon was the first thing I recognized Saxon in outside of Nightmare on Elm street. I hit the guest room a little early so I could get a picture with both of them.

Of course there are always other interesting things in the dealers room….

Looks like there are Zombie hunters afoot! Good thing too, because there seem to be an awful lot of zombies running around this time at CW.

Actually I’ve been meaning to get a photo with Sally the Zombie Cheerleader for ages. I watch her show on Youtube and I’ve noticed that she does the best games during Ghastlee’s show on Saturday nights. In fact, I played her game this year – hot potato using a severed head. I almost won….but really, when it’s the guy in a red hoodie and a hottie in a vinyl dress….yeah, I didn’t stand a chance!  Seriously though, really fun and I won a Hellraiser / Cinema Wasteland shirt.

Met my first Bond girl ever! Lana Wood was nice and I got my Captain America poster signed, and she gave me a message to deliver to Reb Brown in October….”I can see you from up here”. She said it was an inside joke.

One of my favorite things is to bring someting to sign that the person has never seen before. I mean, I get it. These people sign the same five posters again and again every show. They share the same stories about the same movies and it’s got to get tedious. I brought cover art from “The Rat Pack” docudrama. I got it signed about a year ago from Joe Mantegna. She actually had to stare at it for a couple of minuets before it clicked and she remembered she played his wife in it!

Richard Keil couldn’t have been nicer. I got an Eegah! poster signed. He’s going to be at Monster Bash in July with Arch Hal Jr. I’m still kind of planning on going, but wanted to get his autograph at Cinema Wasteland right now so I don’t worry about trying to track him down at the Bash.

Cinema Wasteland is most of the time, a reunion show. This time around it was the key ghouls from Night of the Living Dead. There are ALWAYS romero zombies at these comventions, but these were a bunch I hadn’t seen before anywhere. They had a cool perspective on NOTLD – and let me tell you,
Ella May Smith’s memories of her husband in  the movie was just the sweetest story I’ve heard involving zombies…

Of course one of the biggest things about the Wasteland is the movies. I go to this show to see movies I’d never have seen otherwise. I relax all weekend during screenings of terrible films…it’s really one ofthe things I love best about it.

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968) Yeah, everyone’s seen it, but not everyone’s seen it on FILM. That’s such a cool thing..but then get this…the print has a bunch of extended scenes in it.  Not deleted, just extra seconds  here and there. Enough to make me look and wonder “have I just never paied enough  attention to this before?” They don’t make it a whole new movie like the deleted scenes in Aliens or Daredevil. Still it’s such a unique experiance. I loved it. Possibly the highligh of the weekend…and right at the start! I stuck around to watch BLACK SUNDAY (1960). I’ve had a copy of this my friend Jennifer gave me, and I’ve had it for years. I just never got around to watching it. This was really the proper format to see it. It’s another of those classic movies that remind you they still could create unbelievable effects  fifty years ago.

As Saturday wore on, I slipped into BEYOND ATLANTIS (1973) John Ashley and Sid Haig are a couple of tough guys looking to rip off some “sacred pearls” from the natives of an uncharted tropical island And what I learned from this movie is that I never want to see Sid Haig with his shirt off again. Seriously though, this was so much better than I expected. More fantasy based than horror, but still really fun. I also watched THE SAD CAFE (2011) and MACHINE GUN KELLY (1958). Seems like there was way more organized crime film going on than I’m used to. Not that I’m complaining. For a low budged movie, the Sad Cafe has some really good action, though the torture scene lingers too long and the ending is a real drag. Kelly on the other hand is really strange….I’ve never seen Charles Bronson this young! The only annoying part is that they are trying to be a period piece, but those suits are of the rack from 1958. They don’t look like 30’s clothing most of the time. Otherwise a fun little movie.

Sunday was really going to be movie day. Friday and Saturday it was more about panals and stuff but Sunday I planed on camping out in Movie Room 2. Started off Sunday with THE TAPES (2011). Congratulations. You people made the first film that’s ever given me motion sickness. It’s a pity too, because you got a good solid idea, but all that shakycam honestly made me nauseous…that’s NEVER happened to me before. I kept having to look away from the screen.

THE PUPPET MONSTER MASSACRE (2011) I caught this at Motor City Nightmares last year, and liked it so much I was realy hoping to get a copy for myself this year. I saw it was playing and was hoping to meet the people behind it. I did and got an autographed copy! That’s the thing about the Wasteland. It’s rare to see a film there that you can’t turn around and talk to someone who was involved in making it. Also caught REPLIGATOR (1997) Campy and dumb, but fun. better than I expected.

I missed the Short film block as usual on Friday (the Night of the Living Dead panel was going on. There’s ALWAYS something better going on opposite the short film block!) But got to catch it on Sunday morning. It included CERTIFIED (2011) A simple certified letter causes more trouble than it’s worth for a mailman new to his route. My father was a mail man. I can’t help but think of that….and really funny. I want to know where they got that Sarsaparilla…I can’t find the kind I like anymore. Next up was GOOD TASTE (2011) A missing record sets off a series of events at least one collector is bound to regret. Kind of gives me a “High Fidelity feel. And then there was LOVE BUG (2011) >Good imagery, but meh. On the other hand, I could not make it through TORSO (1973). I’m just not into Giallo , I probably could have stuck ti through if I was on my way to another movie, but this was the last movie of the day….I’m pretty sure I’ve got a copy on tape around here. I’ll finish it eventually. Just like Black Sunday.

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