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Wet Zombies.


So Saturday was rainy and cold and wet.

Though it broke our hearts, we skipped the Zombie Walk. The girls really wanted to go, but the weather would have made them miserable and I know they wouldn’t have lasted very long.  It was a hard decision, but in the end, I’d rather have them dissapointed about not going to an event they were looking forward to than have them go, be unhappy and turn what should have been a fun experience into a negative one.

Nevertheless, they decided they still wanted to dress up…even if it was just to hang around the house. I didn’t manage to get the She-Ra costume done, but Maddie still had her old skeleton princess costume and wanted to wear that. So this is a taste of what we would have looked like if we had gone.

I’m sorry if anyone was watching for us, you’ll see us around the area for Free Comic book Day next weekend and we’ll be lined up for the Zombie Walk in the fall.

One last note, Commenter Wendy mentioned that she wished this event was better publicized. I whole heartedly agree. Sometimes I see it publicized a week or two ahead of time at Cinema Wasteland, but most of the time I have to ask around to find out when the date is. Google searches are useless….they turn up nothing but years old results. I think we’d all be well served by better publicity in this. Hopefully Facebook and blogs will help this out in the future.


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