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Archive for June 11, 2012


This may be my favorite of Maddie’s pictures.  You see this one is supposed to be me.

Maddie got the idea to draw each person in her family one day. I don’t know what became of the other images, but I took mine and hung it up at work. It’s still on my office wall. If you look closely at the shirt I’m wearing, you’ll notice some figures on it. Maddie told me that those are superheros; “Because I know you love superheros daddy!”

It’s funny that she’s identified that with me. Five days a week she sees me in dress cloths with a tie. I do usually wear a superhero shirt to Church (I hope it makes me easier to relate to – it’s something Louie Weaver used to do too) but only sometimes during the rest of the weekend. It still makes the pic one of the most fun she’s drawn for me!