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Archive for June 22, 2012

Hey Fred! Call your agent!

So I’m getting ready for the bash and pulling posters I want signed and sorting through autographs.

It occured to me that even though I didn’t have my Dusk till Dawn poster a few years back when Fred Williamson was at Cinema Wasteland, I might still be able to catch him through the mail and get an autograph on it along with the ones already on it.

I found his website and there were instructions on sending items to get autographed. there weas a fee – I’m fine with that. It means I have a MUCH greater liklihood of getting my auto back. I shot out an email to his agent (her contact info was on the site, not his. Again, I’m fine with that. It’s smart.) to confirm that the info was up to date and that this was the right place to send the picture.

Her reply was : don’t use that address.  I will get one for you.

That was four days ago.
Not digging it. At this point I’m not sure i’d trust an address even if she gets one back to me. Drag.
Oh well. Got to get some Violent Blue done before I head out to Monster Bash tomorrow morning. 5:00 AM  is ging to come WAY to early.