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Anger Mangement

So I was amoungst the millions of rubberneckers who caught the first two episodes of Charlie Sheen’s new show last night. We’re still trying to figure if the train wreck is over and if it’s okay to stop looking now.

It’s not bad. That’s not to say that it’s’s not anything. It’s boring. I think the greatest failing of this show is that Sheen lacks a foil. They have tried to effectively merge his Charlie Harper character from”Two and a Half Men” with the Allen character and combine them into his Charlie Goodson character, and it just doesn’t quite work.

The next door neighbor (Michael Boatman) isn’t really quirky enough for Sheen’s wit to bounce off of. The Ex-Wife (Shawnee Smith, who I’ve adored since she was in Summer School with Mark Harmon) would actually work better for this and has better chemistry, but she’s underdeveloped and according to IMDB, not in the rest of the series!

There’s real potential for funny exchanges during the bar scenes with Brett Butler and the therapy sessions.  Unfortunately, they all fall flat.  That’s a pity, because if done right, they could become real water cooler talk moments – much like the defendants in Night Court. Those segments were peppered throughout the show and were some of the funniest moments in it. A little more time put into it and I think these therapy sessions and bar scenes could do the same.

Having a formula isn’t a bad thing. I used one to create Violent Blue, but they’ve strayed to far from what works and focused on the wrong things. It’s a shame because I like all the actors in this show, but if FX picks it up after the initial 9 episode order without some serious overhaul, they are fools.


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