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Archive for July 3, 2012


Okay, I’l admit that I’m totally using this as an excuse to post pictures of my daughter playing with my Castle Grayskull and my He-Man figures, but Maddie (and Lydia for that matter) really love them. They watch the cartoons and frequently (at least once a week) as me to pull down my castle for them to play with.

In case you’re wondering….She-Ra and Man-E-Faces are dancing. Maddie likes to play with “the Pink Girl” (Queen Angella, I pulled her out of the free bin over at Big Fun), but Lydia’s favorite is She-Ra. That’s why it came as no surprise that when Maddie decided to color a picture for her sister, she asked me to draw her a She-Ra. I’m impressed with how many of the colors she got right, and last I checked, the picture is still up in thier room.

She-Ra will not be appearing in Violent Blue.