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Archive for July 18, 2012


I took the girls to see Brave a couple of weeks ago. They had the choice between that or Madagascar and they said “We want to see the superhero one!”. I had to make sure we were talking about the same one…yeah. They wanted to see Brave.

It’s okay. Standard princess fare I suppose, but just not memorable. I can’t for the life of me remember the main character’s name. (I keep wanting to say katniss. And I don’t even like the Hunger Games!)I do recall the three little boys did a bunch of clever stuff to steal hot cross buns, but can’t really remember the hijinks. I remember being impressed that they managed to mix tradition with female empowerment without compromising either.

I do remember the bear. So do the girls. The bear terrified them! It was hilarious…they both had to hold on to Amy and me when the scary bear was on screen.

Yeah, so not much of a review. That says it all doesn’t it? We saw it at Ameherst cinema where admission is $3.00, and we got our money’s worth. Probably won’t buy this one on DVD though. If it wasn’t good enough to make an impression on me in the theatre then I’m not that interested in watching it at home. I’ll get the girls a pony movie instead, and then we’ll read some Violent Blue together.

On the other hand, it WAS better than Madagascar 3, which we caught this past weekend. I think the Madagascar films have simply run out of ideas. there wasn’t a cohesive story, just a drift from one madcap scene to another. Maddie liked it, Lydia less so. That’s okay It was aimed at them, not me. Still, I liked the first one and don’t mind the second.  I think it’s a stronger movie when it can appeal to both kids and adults. After all, I went to see Toy Story when I was in college. No kids back then but the movie was still a nice date night idea and appealed to all of us (19-20 years old). Perhaps it’s unfair to compare Madagascar 3 to the first Toy Story…then again, Toy Story 3 was as good as the first one. Dreamworks  used to make better films than Disney/Pixar. They ought to start doing that again…because if M3 is any indication, they’re getting lazy.