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We love the 80’s

Remember this picture from back in May?

I was discussing the girls choice of costumes with a friend recently. Of course dressing up is nothing new. I used to play dress up as a child and had a box full of costumes…much like my girls do. I don’t think I ever really stopped. as a teenager, I still liked cosplaying at Star Trek conventions and on Halloween -I loved showing off practical makeup skills and costuming. So I find it perfectly natural that my girls like dressing up.

You might be surprised to know that those costumes they are wearing were not my choice. They asked for them. Maddie wanted a Rainbow Brite costume for Halloween about three years ago (and thanks to Shawna and Greg Voss for that DVD copy of Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer). When she outgrew it, Lydia couldn’t wait to start wearing it. Maddie wanted a She-Ra costume for Halloween this year. We got it done a little early so she could wear it for Free Comic Book Day. It makes some sense, they love to bring down my old Castle Grayskull and play with my She-Ra figure. There’s been pictures of it up on this site even.

Still, I found it amusing that they wanted to dress up as these characters that were popular twenty years before they were born…and had virtually vanished since. I mentioned this to a friend. He replied “Yeah? And how many times have you dressed up as The Shadow?”


He’s got a point. Maybe even more of a point than he realizes….but more on that next week.  (You can still check out some Violent Blue while you’re waiting )


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