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Archive for September 7, 2012

The Monster Channel

I was just thinking yesterday about how I missed “The It’s Alive Show” and how we’d watch the show while posting on the bulletin board about what we were watching. Then, while I was checking my podcasts and Facebook feed, I followed a link over to the Monster channel.

Oh. My. God.

Streaming movies, horror host and live chat in the side window. It’s just the BEST. I watched two gorilla movies and an episode of the old Flash Gordon TV show last night on this site, and it was just fun as could be. It’s just the greatest thing ever. 

They stream 24/7, and are ONLY on the internet. Cable companies, take note. For decades, you’ve squeezed your viewers into your sales model. We’ve always had to buy channel packages, and have never been able to just purchase individual channels. If the channel we want isn’t in the package we have, we’ve got to upgrade and get a hundred channels we will never watch to get the one we want. I’d ditch more than half the channels I currently get if I had the chance. I only watch two shows on SyFy and most of the time that’s online. I my wife misses “Dance Moms” on Lifetime, she hits the website to watch it there. We really don’t even need the cable for a lot of our shows. Cable industry (and that includes you dish guys and the network themselves too), you’re digging your own gave by holding on tight to a business model that’s increasingly irrelevant. The internet and startups like Youtube and the Monster Channel are no, HAVE changed the face of the market. If you keep digging your heels in and trying to force that outdated model on us, you are in serious trouble. I guarantee the first cable company to offer a package with say…80% freedom where you mostly choose your own channels and pay for (mostly) just the channels you want….that company will bury the others.

In the meantime, I’m off for a quick peak at today’s Violent Blue, then an episode of Hollywood Treasure on Syfy’s site, then off to the Monster Channel for the rest of the evening!

You can find  the monster channel at