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Archive for September 13, 2012

Spaceballs at the Capitol

We’re continuing Mel Brooks month with the Cleveland Cinema’s Late Shift. This weekend it’s Spaceballs! You know, this is one of the few Late Shift films I’ve actually seen in the theatre before. I was still a kid though and even though I’ve had it in my movie collection for years and seen it a bunch of times since then, I’m interested in seeing how it looks on the big screen as an adult. It’s a pity this film didn’t do better, but really, it came far to late to lampoon the Star Was movies that had been out of the theatres for years. Still it’s better parody than the Scary Movie or Epic movie franchises. I kind of wish we’d seen something like it to make fun of the prequels. If ever there was a set of movies that DESERVED it….

I’m headed out to Capitol theatre this Saturday for the movie. It’s only $5 and the Capitol is a much nice theatre than the Cedar lee where we’ve been catching most of the movies this year! Come on out Saturday at midnight!

Don’t forget, there will be a new Violent Blue up tomorrow!