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Where we’ve come from

I was working on a couple of arc strips for Violent Blue last night and considering how far we’ve come, and what doing that strip has ment to me.

I’m working on the website for my company now. That’s something doing Violent Blue helped make possible. When launching the series, Comic Fury provided me with a nice template, but over the years I’ve added and subtracted to it, created links and buttons and images for it, and had to familiarize myself with coding a bit.

I also started blogging again. My last blog was a failure – mostly because I just never had the initiative to keep at it. This one has been a lot more enjoyable. initially begun to help with google searches and get Violent Blue a bigger audience, it’s turned into something I like. Something connected to my comic, but still a separate entity. I think that happens a lot, I kind of see it over at Ctrl-Alt-Del and Penny Arcade.

Because I was already doing Argo City Comics, when our advertising guy suggested to my boss that we do a blog to help promote the business I jumped right up and volunteered for the job, pointing out that I was already doing this for my side projects and had experience in graphics and keywords. After doing the blog for months and pretty much making it my own (how many jobs can you say you get paid to talk on the web about how you’re doing on Lego Batman?) we had a turnover at the company and lost our web designer.  Management decided I was the logical replacement.

Violent Blue has been my outlet, my art, my release. It’s not necessarily my real world job, but it’s so cool to see how it affects that real world job.

I did an audit of my buffer. I have two story arc and about 50 strips left before the planned end of the series.

Even though there’s a project that will come after Violent Blue, I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Not sure at all.


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