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Archive for December 4, 2012

Street Art

Maddie Banner


IMG_20121130_191651I know this post is a bit early, but it’s almost midnight and that’s close enough to Tuesday for me. Deal with it.


So as you know by reading the post directly below this one, Madeline and I went to the opening of the Art pad in Cleveland this weekend. When I’m not creating art myself for Violent Blue or doing commissions, I really like taking my girls out to galleries and museums so they can see styles that are different from mine. We had a nice time, these guys throw a great party and Maddie came home with her very own piece of art. We IMG_20121130_222230had an equally spectacular time next door at the Gallery of Poetic Photography. More fine art there although I must admit being captivated by the spectacular Comic Book related art. There were giant replicas of comic covers, made into 3-d pieces, and a beautiful anime girl painted over a pinkish mirror. I’d love to give the gallery and it’s artist more credit, but I couldn’t find a web presence. If you guys see this, comment and I’ll be happy to link to you.

That’s not what Maddie wanted to share with you today.

We parked on the street over on west 42nd and Lorain, by a dance studio. Maddie got out of the car and got short of breath when she saw what we had pulled up next to. The murals covered the entire length of the wall and were just wonderful bits of street art lit perfectly by the harsh glare of the street lights.


It was the coolest possible way to start our Friday night and she told me she just had to share it with all of you.