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Archive for December 14, 2012

Thank you Christopher Plummer and Laruen Bacall!


This one isn’t for me though…this one was for my girls. Maddie in particular loves the Madeline movies, and Lydia watches them because it makes her sister happy. One day I noticed that Bacall was the voice in their favorite one. Knowing that I had already gotten her through the mail and also knowing that Mr. Plummer is very good about replying to fan mail I thought I’d try sending out to both of them in the hopes of getting a fun cover for my two girls. Unfortunately, shortly after I sent out to Bacall, the storm hit and New York wasn’t in great shape. No wonder it took her three months to reply. I’m pleased she did at all. Plummer turned this around in three weeks, and even dedicated it to my two little girls! This was just so nice, I love it! Thanks to both of them for this special gift for my daughters.