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Archive for December 17, 2012

Scary Christmas

Why do we always picture Angels as bright and beautiful heavenly creatures?

The term Angel actually just means messenger. A number of the Angels we hear about in the Bible were likely just ordinary people delivering a message from God. Others however, like the ones the Shepard’s saw in the sky announcing Christ’s birth, were supernatural creatures. When we actually hear descriptions of them…particularly in Revelation, these things are not beautiful….they’re wierd. Possibly terrifying if you were to see one of these things crawling through your window. This had me thinking about the Angel that revealed to Mary that she would become pregnant by the Holy Spirit and deliver the messiah. None of this could have been good news….at least not initially. In this culture especially, this had to be a terrifying event…and just imagine if the message was delivered by one of the less…human looking Angels…..

I should be working on Violent Blue, but this image was floating around in my head and I just had to get it out. Scary Christmas everyone.