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Archive for December 18, 2012

Uncut video


Last week we mentioned that we had to make some cuts to the promo we did for our Christmas party. Originally we included scenes of the girls in a trunk or a box that we thought were absurd, particularly their reactions to their situations. We were told it might offend someone because those things actually do happen sometimes. Sure I get that bad people sometimes do bad things, but we aren’t endorsing this kind of behavior, rather we are showing it as what NOT to do. My response was “If I can’t make fun of bad people, then who CAN I make fun of.”

Watching this video however, I have to admit, the other one that we went with is better. It’s a full thirty seconds longer and has more going on.

I’ve heard directors complain about how their work got compromised by the studio, Don Corselli in particular complains a lot about the studio butchering Phantasm 2. Sometimes, it’s for the best. I’ve seen the work print of P2. It’s crap. It needed lots of cutting and ADR. I’d even go as far to say I prefer James LeGros over Mike Baldwin (and that’s coming from a Phantasm fan). Sometimes, the director can get blinded by the “Purity” of his vision.

I’m not happy to have been censored, but it did force me to come up with something better and what we did come up with ended up being more involved, more fleshed out rather than just he quick (almost still images) shots we were going to use.

In any event, here’s the full version, uncut and uncensored.If it’s too offensive for you, head on over to Violent Blue and that should get you mind off it.