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I just got this error on my blog dashboard


Not sure what’s going on, but if there’s an interruption in my daily posting, this is probably what’s going on. Shouldn’t affect Violent Blue’s comic post though.


It took a full day to get this resolved. The response I got from Word Press was :

“Hi there, Thanks for getting in touch. Our apologies for the trouble. That warning message should not have been added to your dashboard. We have removed the warning and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused.”

Doing some research I found that many other folks have gotten the same warning and resolution. That’s fine. I accept you apology WordPress, though I think you also owe me an apology for the slow response time.

I have to wonder however, was that a real response? Was it really a mistake or did they flag me for a reason and then decided that there wasn’t anything particularly objectionable on the site?

I’m not going to cry censorship or anything. That’s pretentious, especially considering I don’t own my own domain. It’s their site which they are nice enough to let me use. It’s a symbiotic relationship of course, advertising and word of mouth and everything, but it’s still their land I’m farming on. Annoying but those are the dangers of using a free service like this.

I hope this post is helpful to anyone else who has gotten the dreaded suspension warning. I think it’s okay to be irritated, but no harm done in the long term.


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