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Archive for January 8, 2013

Year Four

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As we get past the Violent Blue cliffhanger and into Year Four proper, I wanted to say a quick thanks to all of those people who still visit the site and read VB on a regular basis. Over here at the blogsite we’re starting to reprint some of the best strips twice a week, while the main site still runs the current series, and this seems like a good opportunity to do some housekeeping.

It’s been a rough year over at Violent Blue. I promise this year will be more lighthearted. More funny strips and fewer dramatic ones.

For those of you wondering about time frame, I’m not sure how much time has passed between today’s strips and the rest of this weeks. Imagine an average recovery time for a serious accident and a pretty horrible detox. The last few strips were hard enough for me to write. I didn’t feel we needed to go into all of that. Let’s just say it’s been a month or two between end of year three and beginning of year four.

Finally, there have been some questions as to what happens to Violent Blue after the end of year four. As you may or may not know, the story is set to end after a little more than four years. That end is still in sight, but perhaps not as close as I expected. We will go a little into a fifth year with strips as we wrap up the story, but much to my surprise that’s not the end. Readers of this blog will remember I completed the National Novel Writing Month competition. The story I wrote actually serves to tie up a few loose ends left in Violent Blue and addresses some of the things that happened after the series ended. I’ll be illustrating and serializing that novel on the main Violent Blue site as a sort of epilogue and year five. It won’t quite be the same as reading the comic strip but it will extend the life of the series one more year and I hope you all stick around for it. It’s going to be interesting.