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Clixmas train!

DC Clix

Wow. I didn’t realize I’d managed to collect so many alter ego figures! I always thought it was a cool game mechanic (although I can’t ever quite gt it to work right) but in the back of my mind, I always had these figures bound for my train set.

One of our Christmas traditions is always to have a train set up, sometimes around the tree, sometimes beside it. I don’t really have enough track to make it around the tree though, so we tend to run it in my library. My father always did a country or Victorian setting, but I always preferred an urban one. as time goes by I’ve developed more and more buildings and sets for it, most notably using the Crime Alley 3-d Heroclix map I created from a map created over at the Absosbsacon. Of course it has superheroes on it, it’s pretty much exactly the kind of train you would find in Taylors hop in Violent Blue.

This is my train this year. I recently found the globe to the Daily Planet again which makes me incredibly happy and discovered that he Air Hockey Table works better than the pool table for the display! Clix are hidden all over. See how many you recognize!

100_3544 100_3548 100_3549 100_3550 100_3551 100_3552 100_3553 100_3556 100_3557 100_3558 100_3559 100_3562 100_3564


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