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Archive for January 29, 2013

scary puppets

I’ve been doing skits for Church recently. I look over the upcoming lessons and do the videos in month or two month batches at a time, just like I used to do with the drama team at North Pointe church. Clavery Ridge is too small right now for a drama team though, so I’ve been using puppets. Our friends Robin and Wendell Patton gave these too us probably ten years ago and we never did much with them before, but they seem to be the right size and type for what we’re trying to create now.

And I just found out that Maddie is terrified of them.


Yeah, I totally get it. Randy Millhouse over at Something Positive is totally correct when he observes that Church puppets are the scariest of them all.. and these really could use a little more work. Proper noses on the white puppets and maybe braids on the girl. The kids are okay watching videos of them, but Maddie won’t go in the Library alone if these things are in there.

I decided to try and fix that.


Actually, I suspect this might creep her out more, but I did say I was going to fix it….not make it better!