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Sinister.200x200-75This is one of those movies I really wanted to get around to seeing, but not in the theater.  Just from the commercials it looked like a really interesting premise and what I could see of the monster was brilliant.

The monster really is brilliant. He reminds me quite a bit of what I tried to do with my “Malice” character back in my days writing for Star Trek : Icarus’ Flight. A lot like the character visually, but done better all around.  What’s more, we almost never see the monster. I really mean that. The monster probably has about one full minuet of screen time and that’s spread out through the entire movie. The truth is, the real monsters are his victims….not the ones who die, but the ones who live.

You see, that’s the trick Sinister plays on you. You think you’re going into a horror movie, ad you feel like you’re watching a horror movie, but that’s not it at all. This is a mystery. A bona fide whodunnit with a supernatural element attached around the edges. It’s a genuinely good piece of writing and a reasonably original concept – making it all the more surprising that it got made.

Because I really dig what’s going on here, I’m not going to really give out any plot points. Go see it. Last I checked, it was available from netflix and your local buybacks or record exchange is bound to have a copy. This will scare you, and if you need a palate cleanser afterwards, well, there should be a new Violent Blue up tomorrow!

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