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Archive for April 8, 2013

Cinema Wasteland spring 2013


april_2013_bannerNew_388758_596532770358566_1574777929_nThere’s always something special about Wasteland. As time has gone by I realize I see a lot of the same folks there every year and that makes things a little more fun. I kind of hid behind cosplay makeup this year, but still managed to say hi to Jason and Sean and Douglas. Angelique and Killer Shrew, I’m sorry I missed you guys! And a special thanks to Jeff Josyln (the gent in the zombie Uncle Sam outfit) for letting me use a bunch of his photos in this post. We seem to hit several of the same events, I’m going to have to say hello the New_479967_596532610358582_169202630_nnext time I see you.

I caught several movies this year that I’ve never seen before. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the new Gladiators – I only saw the tail end of it though (scheduling conflicts). Got to see She-Devils a-go-go with the director sitting about two seats away and the room peppered with cast members from Old School Sinema. The strangest thing I saw though, was probably Little Cigars. Little people con men…..featuring Felix Silla (Twiki, Cousin It). Just bizarre. If you’re curious, you can watch it on You Tube here– untill someone wises up and takes it down….


Ghastlee Night at the movies was fun as ever, though I didn’t manage to get in on any of the games.  Ginger Rose brought in balloons that had glow sticks or lights or something in them and they were getting batted around the room all night. People were getting hit in the face, on the head and general chaos ensued. Ken the promoter got roasted (though Sally the Zombie Cheerleader was taking that a little too seriously when she brought out a grill and barbecue sauce) and there was the best cornhole game ever – trying to get teeny bottles of booze through the mouth on a blown up poster of Ken’s face. it just fits Wasteland to a “T”.

I got to meet the cast of Slumber Party Massacre, but the most exciting was getting to meet Brinke Stevens. She’s one of the original scream Queens and someone I’d wanted to see for a while. Jeff Lieberman was New_100_3794back this time as well, and I finally got a picture with him as well .his panel with the cast of Just Before Dawn was the funniest panel I’ve seen in ages.

I came home with a stack of DVDs, finally getting horror Convention massacre from Old School Sinema’s table and grabbing Gingersquach from Baron Morbid. Lieberman signed a copy of Remote Control. I’ve got a bunch of movies to get through in the next couple of weeks.

Can’t wait to head back to Wasteland in October for The Hills Have Eyes reunion.  In the meantime, I better go catch up on my Violent Blue.

546077_596532463691930_13396306_n 529603_596532497025260_973529945_nI’ve never seen these Kiss guys before. I’ve got to look into that further. The werewolf girl though, she was just adorable. I love the pink hair and the cute outfit!



40832_596532797025230_15101592_nI can’t believe I missed this! Where WAS I when this was going on outside????New_524307_596532637025246_4936391_n I saw this young lady last year. She looked a lot more scary this time around  New_156893_10200869294763798_517025251_n New_909275_171022843053438_1325600192_n New_563752_10151414191476888_2101656720_n

New_100_3786 New_100_3785Always lots of interesting vendors!New_525438_612667862140_1885742736_n New_100_3807 New_100_3805 New_100_3800 New_100_3799 New_100_3787 new 100_3801