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Cedar Lee Sci-Fi festival


Hey guys, just a quick reminder, there’s a lot going on this weekend! Saturday is Free comic book day. My girls and I will be hitting a bunch of local venues and trying to complete a set as well and buying stuff at each store to su557945_10151555964452138_2139572511_npport the retailers. Then that evening is the Cedar Lee theatre’s Sci-Fi fest! This is the first time they’ve tried something like this, but you know we’re big fans of their horror film festivals and are really hoping this is just as much fun. For the innaugral year they are presenting the following four films :

The original “Godzilla (Gojira)” (1954) at 8:00 PM, “The Matrix” (1999) at 10:00 PM, “Total Recall” (1990) at 12:30 AM and “They Live” (1988) at 2:30 AM. Marathon tickets are $16 and available in advance only. Day of tickets for individual films are $5 each.

Seriously, a screening of Godzilla should be enough reason to get out there this weekend! Then come on back here Monday morning for a new Violent Blue!

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