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Archive for May 20, 2013

FX work

Last week I mentioned I was starting CG FX for the movie “Attack of The Killer Cyborgs From Beyond The Grave”. Once I got the ship design done, it was time to create the scenes and then set up a render farm to produce the actual shots.


wireframeOne of the real challenges here was to create a radiation field for the ships to fly through. Clouds are complex bits of work and take FOREVER to render properly. I had five workstations running 24 hours a day with a sixth one used for plotting and occasional overflow. After a week of render time (well over 600 combined hours) We’ve finally got all the necessary clips done, though I may play around with a few scenes I want to try out later. We’ll spend this week adding extra effects – electricity and lighting, then sound and editing.  Stay tuned and I’ll let you know where to get the movie from Baron Morbid. In the meantime, go check out todays new Violent Blue!