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Back from Vacation

100_4697We’re back from our vacation, but it’s going to be a busy first day back so this will be a short post.

We started our vacation at the Great Lakes Medieval Faire, and we ended it at the Cleveland Museum of Art – particularly in the armor display.

Maddie was enchanted by the tapestries that were hundreds of years old…trying to read them. And as we went through the armor display she asked for a picture holding one of the blades. This was the best we could do!


Lydia had her favorites as well, a photo with a skull at the Natural History Museum! Man that’s one creepy little girl.


We also encountered a fascinating sculpture in the modern art section made up of tools all suspended. you could walk through it and the context was just fascinating. I took this photo of the girls and suddenly realized it really reminded me of a scene from Evil Dead….


Regular posts resume tomorrow, and watch out next week for my review of the new Deadpool game! in the meantime head over to Violent Blue for the new strip posted today!

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