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Zolastraya and the Bard


z1 87 Zolastraya and the Bard is quintessential 80’s fantasy. I’m not sure exactly where this was sold, but it wouldn’t have surprised me to see it in hobby shops and role playing game stores as well as comic shops.

I have issues two and three in the series and it’s a fun read. black and white indie fare, with passable artwork. The creators said they went with a more norse theme to distinguish themselves from the more typical Tolkienesque fantasy you would find in D&D or Forgotten Relms. If that was the intent, they failed. It feels EXACTLY like an RPG session. That’s not however, a BAD thing. It’s interesting to note, Zolastraya is also the authors cosplay, and features on several covers, not to mention in some of the notes in 1088249the back.

Zolastraya is on the run from the other Norse gods because she wouldn’t marry the god her father set her up with, and adventures ensue.

I found them both in quarter bins, many years ago, but a quick web search reveals they are available here and there online. I found the first three at for less than a dollar each. They’re worth that if you’re already putting in another order.

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