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Archive for September 24, 2013

Composite Superman!


Marvel ClixWay back on Saint Patrick Day, we Jessie ran a game over at Warzone where the characters had to either wear green as their primary costume or be irish. I watched the rules clarifications on Facebook and saw that green skin was okay.

scanI figured Everybody would be using Green Lantern, Green Arrow or the Hulk (I wasn’t wrong by the way) I wanted something different, so I pulled my Composite Superman.

This is one of those characters I grew up reading about in DC’s Who’s Who, and has really been my favorite figure out of the Superman set. I was always a little surprised at how well he plays. For 180 points, I suppose he’d better be a decent charater, but still, it’s always a surprise at how effective he can be, both with the shape change and more importantly a really deep dial, about nine clicks in all. It’s not just about satying power though, he even managed to take down a Hulk.

Hulk Smash

Also on the team were Quicksilver and Vision. Quicksilver was another really pleasant surprise with his arrogant attack – essentially hypersonic with flurry. I kept using him as a hit and run. He’s everything I could want from a Flash figure….except HE’S NOT THE FLASH!!!! Arrrgh!

I threw the Utility Belt on Vision. One of the first times I really came to appreciate it. The belt made the difference a few times on whether or not the attack succeeded. Still, it’s kind of funny to see Vision with the belt on when you’ve got Composite Superman who’s half-Batman in the first place! I’d almost think he had more right to it….even if Vision needed it more. I can kind of see that discussion going something like this :

trio words