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Lakewood Zombie Walk

clownI wanted to try something different this time. Last year at hauntville, I was doing makeup every night and that afforded me t he opprutunity to experiment a little. Instead of making the ridges on my forehead out of mortician’s wax, I’d try cotton and cover it with latex. Then I’d try making it so it could be removed and redone….it worked well with the false nose and ears I bought from the store and the cuts I was making out of cotton and greasepaint….

I made my First pass at zombie makeup from scratch. The idea was to create a full face appliance, with a skeletal look mixed with an infected look – open sores and infection (with an eye towards how I might accomplish this on a Freddy Kruger makeup). After two and a half hours I was a little disappointed. I very much wanted the eye sockets to be deeper. The ridges on the forehead could be more pronounced1233613_637793449598415_2016403214_n and the paint job turned out poorly, giving… too leathery a look to the skin. At least it all came off in one piece as planned. I gave this another pass though, another layer of latex and try to build up those eyes.  This really isn’t what I’m good at. I want to create more of a character, more shapes instead of just torn skin.
I’m GOOD at torn skin. But that’s just too easy.
This is a first attempt creating something out of nothing, and a first attempt at creating more than just cuts and scrapes. I usually buy prosthetics and have plenty of experience applying them, but creating them is another thing. Even the pinhead makeup last year was really just a bald cap and cuts with some foam nails added in. No sculpting, no form. I’m trying to push a little further with this.
So I pushed a bit, I deepened those sockets and extended the mask downward 1379235_638828842828209_463758505_n(i’d later have to extend it further still to reach my hairline).
The result isn’t terrible. My eyes look slightly Asian to me with the angle and different size. I’m covering up a lot more seams with fake blood than I would prefer to, and the skin is a little wrinkely. Like an appliance from an old Hammer film. It doesn’t look quite smooth enough. I realize I’m not working with silicone, but still, my forheads in the past have looked a little smoother.
Nevertheless, this isn’t a “woe is me” kind of post. For a first try, I’ve got nothing to complain about. It still has a great look to it and fits perfectly. The next time I applied it, I pulled it down a little to open the eyes up some more and once I extended that zygomatic bone back a bit to my sideburn it gave  the perfect impression of a skull, just barely covered with flesh.
Old school sinema 219My burst open chest is an old costume, but I finally got around to covering the old company logo (a company I no longer work for – and don’t really want to give free advertisement to) with an Umbrella ID and added these great “Zombie sleeves” that I found at Party Center to the costume (kind of like the false tattoo sleeves you see everywhere – they were featured on one episode of the Big Bang Theory even) I’m really happy with the costume. I wore it out to the Daughter of Ghoul show Friday night to test it out and it worked fine (it stayed dinneron better in the cool evening than the hot sun the next day actually. The edges around my mouth got a little lose during the walk).
And of course when I sat down to dinner with my family that night, still in makeup, my daughters didn’t pat an eye.

Check out some of the other zombies who came out to the food drive this weekend!

Old school sinema 208 524653_10200532133017129_1203776482_n 556744_10200532052255110_1668084421_n 562900_10200532052735122_400026124_n 1209378_10200532037654745_2085450280_n 1238363_10200531995013679_1390070285_n 1239865_10200532044534917_1825283112_n 1375062_10200532005133932_763009206_n 1377005_10200532036254710_932663865_n 1383977_10200532132657120_1026729760_n Old school sinema 174 Old school sinema 173 Old school sinema 162 Old school sinema 164 Old school sinema 170 Old school sinema 006 Old school sinema 005 Old school sinema 002 IMG_20130928_154308 IMG_20130928_154222 IMG_20130928_154144 IMG_20130928_154141 IMG_20130928_154046 IMG_20130928_152127 IMG_20130928_151534 IMG_20130928_151424 IMG_20130928_151404 IMG_20130928_151237 IMG_20130928_151225 IMG_20130928_151157 IMG_20130928_151139 IMG_20130928_151131 IMG_20130928_151125 IMG_20130928_151040 1382421_727708627245844_338065073_n 1381934_10153280666355313_805693106_n 1381825_10151697436388386_1191703108_n 1380490_10151858138903810_678734093_n 1380390_182878731899757_400018189_n 1378595_702538823107258_1313471414_n 1378312_10153280652900313_1385035717_n 1377997_4813006141354_984250332_n 1376356_10151794078160819_1655427167_n 1375750_10151858138943810_1351110056_n 1375072_10153280673680313_1825916662_n 1235177_613229302032841_803873314_n 1233365_10153280670995313_990404480_n 1209320_728093307207034_675541587_n 1209248_439449942843167_1602507581_n 996598_702538803107260_1919853387_n 994896_4813007541389_235453114_n 945836_10151858138273810_683035755_n 598616_10153280674265313_2070401381_n 598594_10151858138533810_1134037151_n 578539_10151697434008386_1282380359_n 552737_10151889219887254_2062027624_n 547056_10151623093721401_430432200_n

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