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Cinema Wasteland Fall 2013


540152_738708232812801_1714680667_nOh so tiered. So very tiered.

Another long weekend, but a good one. Last weekend I cosplayed, did an art show, and horror show and concert, and zombie walk, a game tournament and had a movie planned. I drove from Lakewood to Medina to Elyria to lorain….I found myself realizing this is so much easier when all the events are all in one place. In other words – a convention.

Cinema Wasteland is the very best con out there. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating. there’s so much more content there than any other show out there. There’s unprecedented access to the guests. The convention hall is full of candy and booze flowing freely.

I eat a lot of candy.

There’s also movies. Movies I’d never think to watch on my own, and movies I’ve never even heard of. This year I got exposed to the excellent “Mother Jugs and Speed”. It’s possibly the weirdest Cosby film I’ve ever seen, also starring Larry Hagman, raquel Welch, Bruce DavidsonNew_100_4824 and Harvey Keitl. I may have to start a new column on this site just covering strange and fun films like this. I also saw the dreadful “Hollywood Knights” (I expected more from Robert Wuhl and Tony Danza, not to mention Michelle Pffifer and Fran Drescher) and the absolute dreck that is “Black Devil Doll from Hell”. I also caught “The Projected Man” and “The Incredible Melting Man” as well as the incredibly fun “Day Planner of the Dead”. It’s a cute short zombie flick with appearances by Tom, Kyra Schon and Gary Striener in it. I’m kind of regertting not grabbing a copy of that over at Tom Sullivan’s booth…but honestly – $20 is a bit much for that movie.

New_100_4848Speaking of Tom Sullivan, it was fun to visit with him a bit over coffee and talk about his theory on Ash. He described his opinion that Ash suffered a mental break after the events of Evil Dead.

He suppressed his memories of killing Scotty and Cheryl and Shelly. That’s why they don’t appear in the second film. The demons exist, but Ash’s delusions make things worse. He imagined the stuff with cutting off his hand and this is also why medeval Britian looks like a desert – like no landscape of the time or place that ever existed. We discussed Ben Affleck as Batman (how did we get to THAT subject???). Tom’s a fan of the Daredevil film like I am and he really likes the R rated director’s cut. We discussed remakes with a fan of the new Evil Dead film. I reviewed it a while back and still stand by my opinion that this film could be a New_100_4817seqal rather than a remake. Tom detailed a graphic Novel he wrote (it was being released as a mini-series but was unfortunately cancelled after two issues) where his protagonist is locked up in an insane asylum when the deadites start to posses the doctors.

After grabbing some candy from Tom’s book of the dead, I headed into the rest of the show. It was a shame that a lot of familiar faces like the Killer Shrew and Angelique weren’t there this year, but I still ran into my friend Jason a few times. I was talking with Dee Wallace (from E.T., The Hills Have Eyes, and the Howling) and spotted him coming up one of the isles. I waved him over “Jason! Dude, you’re just in time to take a photo of Dee and me!” (I’m such a putz!) Dee was incredibly nice and friendly and insisted on giving me a hug before I moved on. The rest of the cast of the Hills were great fun as well, particularly the composer Don Peake. It was his first con and I was in fact his first autograph! Wasteland has this effect on guests. More than once I’ve heard of it spoiling New_100_4819them for other cons. Don was thrilled to be there and couldn’t believe how loved he was.

The same could also be said for Chester Turner, there promoting the new release of “Black Devil Doll From Hell” and more importantly “Tales from The QuadDead Zone” – a VHS cult film. It’s incredibly rare and a few years ago an existing copy fetched $660.00 on eBay. There was a screening of Black Devil Doll Saturday night.

It may be the worst film I’ve ever seen.

Seriously. I don’t get the cult following it has. I’ve never even seen a youtube video as bad as this.

I’ve never seen super 8 or High school video tapes as bad as this. Yes, it’s absurd, but the soundtrack was obviously done on a tiny casio back in the early 80’s. It’s AWFUL. The script is TERRIBLE. The cinematography is non existant…I sat and listened to the panel and it’s obvious that this guy takes himself seriously as a filmmaker…and so did everyone else….and I have no idea why this guy wasn’t being laughed out of this show. He kept talking abotu how story was so important when you have no budget. How he worked so hard on this story….and I kept asking myself “did we watch the same film here?”

Enough of the hate though. There’s so much more to love at Wasteland.¬† And At least I know who this guy is. QuadDead is a legend amoungst the VHS collector crowd (there was a screening of the seriously entertaining documentary “Adjust Your Tracking” on Friday by the way. I missed about half of it at Days of the Dead. I’m glad I got to see the rest. Now I want a copy of it) and It’s cool to have seen the guy that made it and seen the movie up close.

New_100_4829For me, the Highlight of every CW is alway Ghastlee night at the Movies. It started off with a rousing game of “What’s in my underpants?”, this time around starring Count Gore DeVol.¬† I particuarly liked Ken’s game (done to the tune of how much is that doggie in the window) where you had to destroy a pile of balloon animals before your opponent did. I jumped up for Sally’s game (Sally always does the most fun games of the night). That was when they put a sack over my head, handed me a police baton and told me to smash a spider. I’m poor at piniatas when New_100_4854I can see. This time around I didn’t make a dent. I didn’t feel too bad. Another familiar face,

Douglas Waltz came up after me and did just as poorly.

Ken brought us in leftover pizza right before the midnight movie and ended Saturday night on a high note.

All told, I think I saw 11 films over the weekend (Friday and Sunday are shorter days. Most of the action is Saturday), visited with a buch of folks I only see at wasteland like Jason and Doug and Tom, as well as people I know from clubs like Pop! such as Mark Mackay, Sean Macentyre and Bryan Griffen. I also made a point to get a photo with Janet Jay, the Daughter of Ghoul since the last two times I saw her (including when I was on her show), I was buried under so much Latex I wouldn’t even recognize me!New_100_4823

I had entertained thoughts about hitting Cleveland ComicCon this weekend, but I think I’m going to skip that one and save up a little. I’ve been pretty much gone allweekend two weekends in a row and I’ve still got 12 hours of Terror coming up in two weeks, not to mention¬† Akron Comicon is next month!


Maddie Plays with some toys I brought back with me – Bats, spiders, a dead teddy bear….


Loved the hearse..wait a moment…


Is Willard at this show or something?


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