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Archive for October 22, 2013

Maddie Misses Daddy

Maddie Banner

Most nights, the girls ask what we are doing in the morning. Usually they will ask me if I have work in the morning. They also ask on Saturday mornings when I wake up and come down stairs.  Any day I tell them I have work they pout and are sad.

I’ve explained to them that Daddy works so we can pay for out home, our food, our cars and everything we need to get by, but they still tell me they wish I didn’t have to go away and work every day.

Maddie stayed with her grandparents a while ago and when she came home she brought me this.

maddie card 1

Inside it reads “A monster you can find in the Library is called Matthew”

maddie card 2

“From Maddie to Daddy, remember I love you so much”maddie card 3